About Us

Our story, like many others, begins with a girl. My wife, specifically. I had just returned from a conference where I was introduced to the newest techniques, products, and ingredients used to treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions. Surrounded by hundreds of my fellow pharmacists, I couldn’t help but gain inspiration on how to take what I had learned home to implement it in my own practice. Once home, I proceeded to talk incessantly about what I felt was the best of what I had seen. While she politely listened, one of my notes caught her interest; a rare oil imported from the Brazilian rainforest that was showing amazing results in treating scars. She mentioned how she could use something like that, as she had a small burn scar on the back of her leg that made her feel self-conscious when wearing shorts. I responded that if I were her, I would be way more self-conscious about the pasty white nature of her legs than over a small scar. A few bruises later, she decided I had had enough and told me to get to work.

I began to study the physiological processes behind scars, the current treatments for scars, and how effective (or ineffective) those treatments are. I began to combine a list of ingredients and their effects on the skin. I played around with dozens of combinations of ingredients before finally coming up with a two step treatment that would reverse scar tissue and another 2 products to help prevent and erase stretch marks. Along the way we decided to add a line of premium skin care products to erase wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, to reverse the aging process, and to bring back the radiance of youth.  

And while they say that work is its own reward, I get the added benefit of a wife that gets more and more beautiful with each passing day (note: I can’t say for sure it’s because of our products). But it’s been a very special process to develop and build our little business together.

Thanks for reading,

Hyrum & Nikki


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