October 17, 2017 4 min read

Today the spotlight is on the ImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum. Why? Because this product blends all the right ingredients to give your skin that youthful glow you’ve been searching for.  Powerful antioxidants will brighten your complexion and smooth away lines and wrinkles. Naturally-derived botanicals restore skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and unclog pores. Still not convinced that this serum is right for you? Check out what the literature has to say about the ingredients found in theImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum.

Powerful antioxidants

There’s no question that antioxidants are key ingredients to giving your skin a bright, glowing complexion. Generally speaking, antioxidants are molecules with the ability to neutralize harmful free radicals, one of the main causes of premature signs of aging. Out of the hundreds of different types of antioxidants, research has found that vitamins C and E are two of the very best to use in topical skincare products.

In the ImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum vitamin C is present as sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a water-soluble form of L-ascorbic acid.Multiple studies have proven vitamin C’s ability to protect the skin from free radical formation caused by excessive UV exposure. Additionally, since vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, topically applied vitamin C stimulates new collagen production that will firm and tone up your skin.

The next powerful antioxidant you’ll find in this serum is tocopheryl acetate, otherwise known as vitamin E.According to the journalSkin Pharmacology and Physiology, vitamin E is the predominant lipid soluble antioxidant found in human skin.When applied topically, vitamin E works to reverse damage done to your skin over time by interfering with harmful free radicals.

Restore hydration

Another critical factor in maintaining a youthful glow is providing skin with adequate hydration. As you already know, when your skin lacks moisture it can appear dry, flaky, and cracked. But did you know that dryness can also make lines and wrinkles look more pronounced? Thus, any decent anti-aging skincare product should include ingredients that restore hydration to the skin. For this reason, theImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum contains multiple ingredients to add hydration back into the skin to give you that smooth, youthful glow.

A splash of water

One of the main ingredients that will restore hydration is Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract, otherwise known as botanical hyaluronic acid.Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of many tissues throughout the body, including the dermal layer of skin. Hyaluronic acid is able to restore hydration to your skin based on its structure as a glycosaminoglycan, a sugar molecule that has a high propensity for attracting water. When hydrogen bonding occurs between adjacent carboxyl and N-acetyl groups,hyaluronic acid has the capacity to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water! Increased hydration leads to a healthy, firm complexion with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Another excellent ingredient found in theImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum known for its moisturizing capabilities is glycerin.Glycerin is a type of humectant moisturizer, which means it isable to attract moisture from both the air and the deeper levels of skin and retain this moisture where your skin needs it the most.

Prevent breakouts

Breakouts are difficult to deal with at any age, but especially so during adulthood when you also have to deal with the various other skin concerns that come with age. If you’ve already battled acne as a teenageer you certainly don’t deserve to deal with breakouts and clogged pores as an adult! Understanding this, we’ve formulated theImmacuDerm Ageless Facial Serum with gentle yet effective ingredients to keep your pores clear and your skin breakout free.

Female inspecting pimple in mirror

For instance, the ingredient Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) is an organic sulfur compound used in this serum due its ability to prevent breakouts as well as keep the skin supple and firm. MSM prevents breakouts due to itskeratolytic actions, which means it causes the outer layer of the skin to loosen and shed. Additionally, keratolytic agents can soften keratin, the major protein found in skin, which improves the skin’smoisture binding capacity. Lastly,MSM plays a vital role in collagen production, therefore, this ingredient helps to rid your face of lines and wrinkles caused by the destruction of collagen over time.

Take back your youthful glow

Over time skin begins to show signs of aging due to both internal and external factors. While intrinsic aging is a natural process that occurs over the course of our lives, many external factors like the sun, wind, pollution, etc. can rob your skin of its youthful glow prematurely. We want to encourage you to take back your youthful glow by trying theImmacuderm Ageless Facial Serum. As you can see, all of the ingredients in this powerful serum were specifically chosen due to their proven efficacy backed by scientific studies. We believe combining ingredients that will protect the skin from harmful free radicals while simultaneously restoring skin hydration and prevent breakouts is the key to a smooth, youthful glow. But don’t just take our word for it - try the Immacuderm Ageless Facial Serum for yourself!